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Competition Entry Rules
Amended November 21, 2017 - Implementation Date: January 1, 2018

In the 2018 competition year CCCC will have five juried competitions as listed below.

2018 Juried Competition Rules and Themes


The rules for entering a Coastal Carolina Camera Club Print Competition can be found below; any questions or clarification of these rules should be referred to the Competition Chairman/Committee for discussion and/or decision.

Juried Themes for 2018

  • February 2018 Theme - Food

  • April 2018 Theme - Black & White (Monochrome)

  • June 2018 Theme - Animals/Insects

  • September 2018 Theme - Flowers

  • November 2018 Theme - Abandoned Buildings


The rules for entering a Coastal Carolina Camera Club Print Competition can be found below; any questions or clarification of these rules should be referred to the Competition Chairman/Committee for discussion and/or decision.


Competitions are open to all members in good standing who have paid their current dues.

Competition Classes

Members shall compete in either Division A or Division B.

  • Devision A will be comprised of the following members.

  • Those members who at year end 2016 were competing in the Advanced Division.

  • Those members (New or existing) who consider themselves to be experienced photographers and voluntarily elect to participate in this division.

  • Those members who have earned 14 or more points since January 2016.

  • Division B will be comprised of the following members.

  • Members who are new to the club (Except for those that voluntarily elect to participate in Division A).

  • Existing members who consider themselves to be relatively inexperienced in photographic competitions.

  • For competition years 2017 and beyond those members who have earned less than 14 points since January 2016.

  • A member must state their choice of division on entering their first competition. Once in Division A, a member may not revert to Division B.

Number of Entries

A member may enter only one print in each competition.

Print Restrictions

  • All Competitions will have a THEME.

  • There will be no restriction placed on the editing.

  • There will be no restriction on the date the image was taken to be eligible for competition

  • All images placed in competition will be eligible for a ribbon, no matter the number of entries in that division.

  • Any entry depicting nudity or profanity in any form will be disqualified.

  • No competing print may be entered more than once, whether it has won or not.

Presentation of Prints

The print must be matted. The maximum outer mat size is 11x14. The print may be any size.

  • The following information is to be written at the right upper back of each entry: Name of photographer, Title of the Print and Competition Division

  • No entries will be accepted without the above information. In addition, each entry must be accompanied by a 5x3 white index card (folded in half lengthwise to make a tent) with the name of the entry and a stand to display the entry.

Judging and Awards

  • Winning competitors in both A & B Divisions shall be awarded: 5 points for 1st place 3 points for 2nd place 1 point for 3rd place

  • At years end, the members who have accumulated the most points in Divisions A & B during that years competitions shall be recognized with an award for First place in each Division.

Mating and Presentation

Please remember to take as much care with mating your image as you do with its creation. Mats should be securely attached to your photo and use of a backing board is required. Please secure the backing board to the mat so your submission is presented in the best possible light. You can use double sided tape or a glue stick. You can use removable/repositioning tape if you plan on reusing your mat for future competitions. Removable/repositioning tape is available at the craft store. Poster board (for use as backing) is available at the dollar store.

How to professionally mat a photo

Meeting Night Photo Submission (for anonymity)

Photos must be submitted in a bag (plastic grocery store type is fine) or a large opaque envelope (manila, or USPS Priority Mail.) Please make sure the (labeled/matted) image is concealed in this manner prior to entering the building. Submissions should be presented to a competition committee member (in the foyer) as you enter building. Please remember to bring an easel to display your image on. For identification purposes make sure your name is discreetly affixed to the rear of your easel. Display of submissions will be the responsibility of the competition committee.

Emailing Copy of Image

Photographers of the six (3 in each level of competition) winning images will be responsible for e-mailing a 1024 x 768 jpeg copy (resolution 75 PPI) of their image to the Chairperson of the Publicity Committee and the Webmaster. Images will be used for publicity as well as posted to the Juried Competition Gallery on the website. Winning photographers will be given photo credit.

Award winning images from our June 2018 Juried Competition


First Place - Class A Division    John Farr     Title: Busy Bee


                                    Carolina Coastal Camera Club. All rights reserved. All images copyrighted by the respective maker.

                                    Webmaster and Member      Harvey Lindenbaum

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